Summer News

June 15, 2016 William Asher

I can't believe it's already summer. Time sure files when you are focused and determined, which is what we are in the shop! We have been cranking out some of the most killer builds yet. I am really proud of the new Master Series guitars that I am making. They are basically a bling'd out version of a particular model - super figured top woods with binding, mammoth ivory bone nuts, sterling silver knobs, prehistoric amber switch tips, and the utmost attention to detail. Guitar Aficionado did a really impressive review on a Master Series T Deluxe in their Spring 2016...

Lots to look forward to in 2016!

December 22, 2015 William Asher

All of us on the Asher team want to wish you and your family a happy holidays! We are working until X-mas eve (we work part time for Santa), and will be right at work the following Monday. Don't feel sorry for us, we love what we do! With that said, we feel extremely grateful to each of you - our supporters - who believe in quality instruments and products, and chose the small family business over the gargantuan giants out there. We will continue to work hard and put out innovative, masterfully crafted instruments and other quality products so you...

Black Friday Sale Nov. 27-28 2015 - 15 percent off!

November 24, 2015 William Asher

Guitar Player Magazine Review: Gear Test Asher Resosonic Rambler by Matt Blackett

November 24, 2015 William Asher

 Well, it's never comfortable to have anything of yours scrutinized and gone over with a fine tooth and comb. In this case, the reward was worth the agony of being judged. Asher Guitars got a stellar review in the Holiday 2015 issue of Guitar Player Magazine. This one is plaque-worth to be sealed under protective resin and hung on the wall. I am super proud of the Rambler model, and by the words in the review, they were impressed too. So to toot my own horn, here is an excerpt: "This is one of the most eye-catching designs of all...

Creative Juices are Flowing at the Asher Shop

November 09, 2015 William Asher

I got back from my surf trip, well rested, and with a focused mind. I hit the ground running. I've only been back less than 2 weeks and I am already designing and creating new and exciting builds. All of these new builds are for artists that I respect so much, so being able to create and collaborate with them on an instrument that they will play - is really something special. I am not going to go into too much detail on the builds, as they are forming and coming together as we speak. But I will give you...