Summer News

June 15, 2016

Summer News

I can't believe it's already summer. Time sure files when you are focused and determined, which is what we are in the shop! We have been cranking out some of the most killer builds yet.

I am really proud of the new Master Series guitars that I am making. They are basically a bling'd out version of a particular model - super figured top woods with binding, mammoth ivory bone nuts, sterling silver knobs, prehistoric amber switch tips, and the utmost attention to detail. Guitar Aficionado did a really impressive review on a Master Series T Deluxe in their Spring 2016 issue, you should check it out.

On the flip side, I am also doing Vintage Series guitar for each particular model - which are more basic builds with various levels of relic'ing to the finish and hardware that has tons of character and mojo. These guitars look and feel like they've been in an steady rotation for decades.  Many players gravitate to these builds because they have stellar craftsmanship coupled with vibe and tone.

Hopefully next time I will post more about some of the cool restorations I am knee deep in right now. Take care everyone. 


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