After making many Replica Vintage pickguards in my repair business over the years, I began to find a passion in searching for the rare materials that would match these originals of the 1930's through 1960's. These caught a lot of peoples attention and I began getting requests asking if I would make a custom pickguard for their guitars. 


Now I offer my handcrafted pick-guards carefully machined from hard to find Tortoiseshell materials wet sanded and polished to perfection! These are precision made to original factory specifications so they will mount on your guitar perfectly. If specs are in question and on custom guards we will work with you on an accurate tracing which needs to be mailed to our shop. 

These will make your feel likes it's getting dressed up fo the Gig!!

Being precise machined, final hand shaping and polishing there is limited production.

If we are "out of stock" of what you are looking for please send us an Email and we will get you one going as soon as we can! 

Thank You,

Bill Asher