Guitar and Lap Steel Upgrades

Electro Hawaiian® Junior Electronic Upgrade Kit

Product Description

Sure, your stock Asher Electro Hawaiian® Junior lap steel sounds great – so why upgrade? Bill Asher chose the components of the upgrade kit as a nice alternative for those wanting to make their steel a bit more road-worthy. Improvement in overall tone quality, sustain, and smoother volume and tone taper can be expected, which makes it great for loud stage volumes or in the studio.


“The Lollar Imperials are not as hot as the stock pickups – this offers more headroom and clean harmonics. The neck pickup stays clearer - not too dark. The tone of these pickups are quite exceptional,” says Bill Asher.


The upgrade kit includes 2 Jason Lollar Imperial Humbuckers, 2 USA CTS pots, Oil Paper .022 capacitor and installation instructions*. (An Asher technician can install the upgrade; however, an Electro Hawaiian® Junior lap steel must also be purchased in the same order.)



  • Kit includes 2 Lollar Imperial Custom Asher lap steel Set , 2 CTS pots and a Oil & Paper .022 tone capacitor
  • Offers more headroom and clean harmonics
  • Improves overall tone quality and sustain
  • Smoother volume and tone taper
  • Comes with installation instructions*
  • An Asher technician can do the install, which will keep the warranty intact, but the Jr. must be purchased in the same order - go to Jr. product page to purchase lap steel and upgrade**


*Should be performed by a qualified guitar technician. Will void any current warranty on these parts if not performed by Asher Guitars.

*These custom parts may take 2-3 weeks for delivery

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