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NEW Asher UNIVERSAL Lap Steel Guitar Stand, Adjustable Height, Fits Most Lap Steels!


Play standing or seated with the new Asher UNIVERSAL lap steel stand by Bill Asher and Mark Roeder. This fits not only the Asher 6 or 8 string lap steels, but has an interchangeable lower bout bracket to accommodate almost any lap steel - short scale, vintage,  electric or acoustic. This stand may not fit your Dobro however, which will need special brackets (in production).

It consists of a machined aluminum, linear table with padded bout and neck brackets. A middle adjustable bracket ensures a snug side fit. 

A triangle configuration enables a close fitting, secure hold. Adjustments can be made for a particular sized instrument by choice of lower bout bracket. Various thicknesses and heights of necks and bodies can be supported by adjusting the support brackets to the desired threaded height. Additional washers can be used. Finally, the placement of the brackets on the linear table using the alternate holes can accommodate shorter scale instruments. 

Four specially designed "easy thread" height adjustable legs allows you to play in the seated or standing positions. The legs can be extended for a table height of 45".

No holes or clamps on the guitar are needed, and it comes with carrying bag!


    • Machined industrial aluminum
    • Stand includes: one cork-lined universal neck bracket (adjustable height), one adjustable width middle bracket for side support only, and two interchangeable cork-lined, adjustable height bottom bout brackets (one is 13.5", the other is 7" wide) to accommodate wider or narrower lap steels.
    • Adjustable "easy thread" legs allows you to play seated or standing! Stand adjusts from 25" to 45" in height.
    • Disassembles for easy transport in provided carry bag
    • No holes in the guitar are needed
    • Aprox. 8 lbs.
    • See photo for other dimensions
    • Although it fits many types of lap steels of different shapes, we CANNOT guarantee that it will fit ALL lap steels or dobros. 
    • PRICE: $350


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