Custom Wound Asher "Sweet Tea" Telecaster Set *Please Allow 2 Weeks for Making and Shipping your custom wound Asher Pickup.

Product Description

Asher Guitars has been custom winding pickups for various pro clients for years now and has formulated just the right mix of materials and mojo. Asher Guitars "Sweet T" pickups are used by Jackson Browne, Jason Mozersky (Ben Harper), Henry Kaiser and Scott Thurston (Tom Petty). Once you experience them, you too will be impressed by their tone.

Henry Kaiser:  "Back in 1972 my first guitar was a Tele.  If you looked at the too many guitars in my studio, you would see that Tele-style guitars, of many and various sorts, are in the majority representation. This means that I have spent a lot of time with Teles and lot of time experimenting with them and swapping different pickups in and out.

The new Asher Sweet T pickups are perhaps the best general purpose Tele-style pickups that I have heard in one of my guitars. They are versatile and complex in tone, incisive, yet not brittle or sharp-sounding. I have to say that they are truly… SWEET!”    


These pickups, which are wound on vintage REA coil winders have high quality USA Alnico magnets and Formvar wire then are lightly potted in shellac (no wax). The shellac potting method secures the coil wires while improving the tone and harmonic response with stable vintage microphonic overtones. The bridge pickup has "Sweeter" top end "Twang" and delivers some nice punch. The neck pickup with Alnico 3 magnets gives you more clear "Bell Tone" on the low strings with clear midrange and treble. The Asher Sweet-T pickups will deliver a more balanced neck and bridge pickup set and expand the tone options of your Tele.

We also use a separate ground (purple wire) in addition to the black & white wires making "Series" and "Out of Phase" options easier!

Bridge pickup is wound to 8.4k and the neck to 6.7k.

See a video demo and hear the Asher Sweet T Pickups in action, click here


  • Hand Wound guitar pickups
  • Made of high quality USA Alnico magnets and Formvar wire
  • Hand-dipped in Lacquer for improved tone response and microphonic overtones
  • Bridge pickup 8.4k, Neck pickup 6.7k
  • Purple wire is the separate ground for the pickups shield plate and metal cover


**Allow 14 days to be made plus shipping time. Thank You, Asher Guitars! 

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