CNC Inlay and Face Plates with Inlay Pockets

Asher Guitars offers logo inlay and face plates with inlay pockets for luthiers and guitar builders! The inlays and pockets are milled with precision on the Asher CNC machine. We use only the highest quality mother of pearl and abalone, measuring .060 in thickness. Also, the face plates, which we cut and sand to 3.5" x 7.5" can accommodate a wide range of headstocks. The process to get started is fairly simple. You send us your logo or artwork in jpeg or vector form (we even will take a photo), and it will be converted into a CAD drawing. From there, we will make the tool pathing for the artwork. We use a very small .025 bit, so any detail smaller than that will be lost. We can adjust the artwork if needed to accommodate the minimum cut area.


Inlay (12 piece minimum, aprox. 1-2” logos):   

  • $20.50 mother of pearl each
  • $20.50 abalone each
  • $0 no set up charge

Inlay (NO minimum, aprox. 1-2" art):

  • $38  mother of pearl each
  • $38 abalone each
  • $25 set up charge each order

Face Plate Overlay with Inlay Pocket (12 piece minimum, 3.5“ x 7.5”): 

  • $ 30 African Ebony
  • $ 25 Indian Rosewood
  •  $0 no set up charge

Face Plate Overlay with Inlay Pocket (NO minimum, 3.5“ x 7.5”):

  • $ 58 African Ebony
  • $ 49 Indian Rosewood
  • $25 set up charge each order

Required CNC Programming (CAD and CAM) 1-time fee including 1 revision

  • $60  simple logo art
  • $85 - $150  detailed logo art
  • $100 - $200  art that needs custom design revisions to make suitable for inlay
  • $25-$50  additional revisions and changes to the art