SOLD 2018 Asher #1080 Tele Jazz Bass Tobacco Burst Nitro Relic

Beautifully Hand Crafted Alder body and vintage style slab Maple Neck with Indian Rosewood fretboard. Asher Vintage spec wound pickups, Volume controls for each pickup and one Master Tone. Gotoh tuners, Hip Shot Vintage spec bridge, Italian Celluloid hand made pickguard, Gloss light "relic" Tobacco Burst Nitro finish. Comes with premium Travel Gig Bag. Total Weight 8 pounds

This is a wonderful Hybrid design of the 1956 "Tele" bass and early 1960's Jazz Bass. I wanted to offer bass players the warm rich single coil tone of those early Precision basses with the punchy top end snap and harmonics off the Jazz Bass. Each pickup is scatter wound to vintage spec outputs and then shellac dipped to deliver a true vintage tone with subtle microphonic response. You get great phasing response when blending the pickups and full hum canceling with both pickups on.

The Tortoiseshell guard and Thumb rest are hand crafted as well from unique and hard to find celluloid and acrylic materials. 

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